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Alexandra_NorlandBorn and raised in Maryland, I consider myself fortunate to have grown up in the Mid-Atlantic region within driving distance of places steeped in colonial history, the Chesapeake Bay, seashore, and national museums. All of which made for great learning experiences and adventure nurturing my interest in history from an early age.

My journey to developing an appreciation for literature and becoming an indie author was serendipitous. I discovered Jane Austen’s works for the first time in my mid-thirties. One winter, every chance I had, I was curled up fireside with one of her books. That combined with spending snow days with my family, during and after a blizzard while the kids were off school for a week, made for a very enjoyable winter. Not long afterward I returned to college to pursue a B.A. in English, which I completed in 2000.

When not writing I enjoy researching, reading, and spending time outdoors. I published my debut novel In Liberty’s Wake in 2015.

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